World Media International (WMI)

WMI has been successfully operating since 1994. We specialise in the management and provision of customised high quality Pay TV channels targeting niche markets in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Understanding Challenges and Delivering Results

Our Core Services

  • Media Consultancy : Specialising in building pay media platforms.
  • Media Buying : Extensive experience in what media works for your clients in niche markets
  • Advertising : Buying or selling WMI has the expertise to get results for clients
  • Media Management : We provide channel partners with a wide range of delivery solutions with a successful track record in pay TV.
  • Knowing your niche : WMI leads the industry in understanding niche markets in Australia. With a group of passionately motivated staff with a wealth of knowledge and resources to best place your message to the greater Australian market.
  • Anti Piracy : WMI is a lead in the world of anti-piracy and online copyright infringement through counter piracy measures, lobbying, law enforcement, government and industry.
  • Specialist marketing : Expertise in reaching niche and foreign language speaking markets in Australia.
  • Creative : Specialist and expertise in producing, creating, editing all forms of media and electronic media for the English and non-English speaking market.
  • Hire facilities and services : In language voiceover, translation, recording and editing services.
  • WMI represents media that works for you.

Our Approach

WMI takes the to fully understand your needs, analysing where you are right now and how to reach your market and where you want to be in the future.

WMI provides highly customised industry proven action to develop your business.

We work with you to implement agreed solutions.

Media affiliations

The Widest Distribution Platform for Arabic, Greek & Italian Channels in Australia.

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