World Media International (WMI)

WMI has been successfully operating since 1994. We specialise in the management and provision of customised high quality Pay TV channels targeting niche markets in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

WMI is part of the Arab Radio and Television Network (ART)

WMI boasts over 93,000 household subscription in Australia, on both cable and satellite, making it the leading foreign language content provider in the market.

WMI concentrates on three major foreign language groups: Arabic, Italian, and Greek through customised quality pay TV channels.

TV Channels

The Widest Distribution Platform for Arabic, Greek & Italian Channels in Australia.

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Arab Radio and Television

The Arab Radio and Television offers an outstanding chain of quality channels that cater for all viewership preferences. With a dedicated team of professionals solely working to cater for the viewership trends of the Australian-Arabic Market, ART reaches thousands of Australian households 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via Australia’s widest PAY TV distribution platforms: MySat & Optus Pay TV.

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